While today could be a very critical pivot point for gold from a macroeconomic perspective, (US Fed meeting minutes release, 20-year US treasury bond auction, and existing home sales) it should be noted that internal fundamentals remain generally positive.


In fact, gold ETF holdings have now risen for six straight days and silver ETF holdings yesterday jumped by a notable 2.8 million ounces.


In a minimal and perhaps temporary negative development, gold saw a forecast overnight from Commerzbank suggesting gold prices will fall back to $2300 in the second half of this year. Countervailing the bearish $2300 price projection by Commerzbank is a forecast from Morgan Stanley of a target of $2760 an ounce...[MORE]


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PG Comment: I wouldn't consider a retreat to $2300 bearish. That's just 4.6% below the current price. Now if we go the $2760 first...that's another story.