Increase Productivity - Reduce Costs

Increase your business' productivity by transferring manual tracking of your trade book to Tornado Bullion's auto-hedge. Production is increased as your traders devote less time to monitoring inventory levels, making adjustments to your hedge position and manually transferring trade data from your trading platform to your accounting software and can spend more time on sales or other aspects of your business. Reduce costs in slippage, commissions and capital costs (margins).

Accounting Efficiency

We have written the bridge between Tornado and QuickBooks, which allows for the automatic transfer of trade data. Plus, we can customize the trade data import to your specifications. As a note, looking towards the future, we have integrated to NetSuites as well. Accounting efficiencies would include:

  • Reduce costs by spending less time entering data into QuickBooks
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Speed the reconciliation process and reporting of financial statements
  • Control how and what is imported into QuickBooks
  • Match hedging transactions exactly to physical deals

Risk Profile Lowered

  • Seamless purchase to Hedge process (auto-hedge - 24-7)
  • Auto hedge at night, so no increased risk of market movement overnight
  • STP (Straight - Through - Processing)
  • Protects profit margin at point of sale
  • Instantaneous transfer of physical risk 
  • Connect Tornado Bullion's trade data stream to your QuickBooks
  • Automatic monitoring of your e-commerce site(s), eBay store, and call center for customer transactions and hedge reduction
  • Improves hedge accuracy as auto-hedge is more efficient and precise than humans
  • Increases discipline as there is no loss of concentration or fatigue 24-7
  • Fast, trades are placed within a fraction of a second
  • Hedge fractional purchases, auto-hedge was designed to accumulate fractional positions until one ounce is achieved
  • Substantial reporting capabilities, your trades, positions, cash balances, available margin, and account value displayed in real-time
  • No futures “tail” to manage, with Tornado Bullion, you can hedge down to the exact ounce